Wedding Photography Packages and Print Inclusions


Here you can find links for  options in paying for Wedding Photography Packages and Print Inclusions, paying deposits, paying for packages outright or paying for travel costs associated with your package.

We know what its like to get married. As soon as you mention wedding, the price goes up and the hands come out. We also know the stigma associated with wedding photography.
Thats why we do everything different. Our prices are unmatched for what is delivered, our service above and beyond, our turnaround on images is within a week and we do all of our own printing, which mind you, is not far off cost price. If we can be of any help or you would like to find out more, head to our page and contact me. All our prices are available on line to view. No hidden fees, no sour taste afterwards. You will be surprised at the difference.

If you would like to include prints, canvasses, ice mounts or any other inclusions with your package, simply add each separate item to your cart and continue to the check out.

Wedding Photography Booking requests can be found here:

Examples of Print InclusionsWedding Packages Print Inclusions Wedding Packages Print Inclusions Wedding Packages Print Inclusions Wedding Packages Print Inclusions Wedding Packages Print Inclusions

All Printing is made in house by Custom Canvas which is a separate business operating under the Pixel-Bug banner.

Custom Canvas was started to offer a service to customers of Pixel-Bug Photography. Right from the start, price guarantees have been in place. “If you find it cheaper, we will match it”, has always been our motto. Being able to print in house for our customers and offering it for the same price as local chain stores, yet providing something that is guaranteed to last and not fade. Being able to produce exactly the same color correct image from the camera, to the print to ensure the photographs we took, are exactly color correct and the highest possible resolution, on the highest quality media.

Even the framing on the canvasses are made in store. Pine lengths are sourced from an Australian company offering renewable Australian premium pine. Cut using precise equipment and each stretcher bar (Pine length) is fixed together at right angles with rust proof screws.

Stretched onto these custom made frames of either pine or acrylic (ice mounts) are the prints. For an ice mount, the printing media is high gloss luster film and adhered on the under side of the acrylic with long lasting adhesive. For a canvas, the image is printed onto museum quality canvas with UltraChrome 2 High Gloss ink. During the printing process, a gloss optimizer coat is applied for added protection.
“Making sad walls happy and keep sakes to last a lifetime”

To view Custom Canvas, please follow the link: